Welcome to the Speech and Auditory Research Laboratory

PI: Lauren Calandruccio, Ph.D., CCC-A

Phone: 216.368.4499

SpAR Lab Office: 216.368.1616

Email: HearingResearch@case.edu

ORCiD: 0000-0002-1532-7036


Latest News

ASHA 2018 Meritorious Posters

Congratulations to Gabrielle Miller and Brandi Jett, whose 2018 ASHA Convention Posters have been designated as Meritorious Poster Submissions. Each Meritorious Poster Submission is recognized for extraordinary, exceptional, and innovative work by the Convention Program Committee. Of the 2122 total poster submissions, only 51 were selected for meritorious recognition. This is an amazing...

2018 ASHFoundation Board of Trustees

Pictured here with the rest of the board members of the ASHFoundation, Dr. Lauren Calandruccio leads the University Giving Program. If your university does not participate in the program, please contact her to learn more about the program.  The ASHFoundation supports students, researchers, and clinicians in the communication sciences. Find more on...