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Craniofacial development and Skin disease

Atit Lab studies craniofacial skin and bone development in the mouse embryo. We are specifically interested in the genetic program and the development of the embryonic dermis and cranial bones. Projects in the lab focus on various early development and postnatal aspects relating to dermal or cranial bone cell fate, origin, and differentiation. We are also developing new genetic mouse models for skin fibrosis to identify biomarkers.

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Check out the new article about our research efforts in skin fibrosis. Welcome message:  

Congratulations to Sakin for becoming our first Beckman Scholar

Sakin Kirti is a first-year undergraduate student at CWRU. Beckman Scholar program exists at 12 institutions in America and is designed to support outstanding undergraduate research students.  He has past research experiences in high school in the Heller Lab at Stanford in inner year development. He presented that research at...