Courses Taught by Radhika Atit

Biology 365/465: Evo-Devo: Evolution of Body Plans (Spring Semester)

This discussion-based course offers a detailed introduction to Evolutionary Developmental Biology. The field seeks to explain evolutionary events through the mechanisms of Developmental Biology and Genetics. The course is structured into different modules. First we will look at the developmental genetic mechanisms that can cause variation. Then we focus on how alterations of these mechanisms can generate novel structural changes. We will then examine a few areas of active debate, where Evo-Devo is attempting to solve major problems in evolutionary biology. We will conclude by drafting critiques of Intelligent Design. Students will be required to present, read, and discuss primary literature in each module. Prereq: BIOL 225 or BIOL 362 or permission.

Biology 362/462: Principles of Developmental Biology  (Fall Semester)

This is an active learning based course to introduce you to principles of developmental Biology. The course will expand on  concepts first introduced in BIOL 214/215/216. We will focus on the principles of developmental biology.  We will study the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the development of fertilized, single-celled zygotes into multi-cellular organisms with distinct cell types and specialized organs. We will discuss both classical studies in experimental embryology that elucidated many of the rules of embryonic development and current day research that is dissecting the fundamental genetic and molecular mechanisms that explain the classical observations.  Prereq: Genetics BIOL 326 or permission. Cell Biology strongly recommended.

Biology 495: Introduction to Graduate Studies in the Biological Sciences (currently not offered).

This course will help incoming Biology MS and Ph.D. students navigate their way through graduate school and participate in the scientific process.  Students in the Biology graduate program will be strongly encouraged to take this course in their first year.  This will be a skill-based course that will become part of their academic toolbox.

Biology 366: Embryos, Genes, and Fossils (currently not offered)

This multidisciplinary seminar course is designed to help students understand fundamental concepts of development and evolution of biological systems.  Because scientists communicate their ideas through journal articles, seminars, and in grant proposals, the course will focus upon reading and synthesizing primary literature.  In this discussion-based course, students will also learn to effectively present and write on three topics that are at the exciting intersection of genetics, developmental biology, and evolution. Fiinally, students will be provided with the technical and intellectual skills which are needed to write a grant proposal and a literature review.  Approved SAGES Department Seminar. Prereq: BIOL 362 or 365 or 326 or 225.