Honors to Radhika Atit

Jackson Award Nominee for Outstanding undergraduate mentoring at Case, 2007, 2009, 2016

Diekhoff Award Nominee for Excellence in Graduate student teaching and mentoring at Case,  2014, 2018,2020.

Warren E. Rupp Distinguished Assistant Professor 2009-2012

Wittke Award Nominee for Excellence in undergraduate teaching at Case, 2009

Dean’s Distinguished Dissertation Award, 1998-1999

Sigma Chi, inducted in 1998; Phi Beta Kappa, inducted in 1993; Omicron Delta Kappa, inducted in 1992; Psi Chi, inducted in 1992

Graduate Student Assistantship 1993-1999; NIH Research Fellowship, Summer 1992; PEW Research Fellowship, Summer 1990

Grant Funding to Radhika Atit


NIDCR, National Institutes of Health.

NIAMS, National Institutes of Health.


Pilot and Feasibility Award, 20013-2015, Skin Disease Research Center, Case Western Reserve University.

Global Fibrosis Foundation Award

Scleroderma Research Foundation Award, 2010-12

Pilot and Feasibility Award, 2006-2008, Skin Disease Research Center, Case Western Reserve University.

Basil O’ Connor Junior Investigator Award, 2007- 2011, March of Dimes Foundation.

Presidential Research Initiative Award:  2005-2007, Case Western Reserve University.

NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: F32 HD08670-01 Specificity of Notch signaling in feather development, 2000-2003.  

Honors and Funding Obtained by Current Lab Members

Anna Jusilla  got the Best Talk Award at 2020 CWRU-Biology Graduate Student Symposium and she gave a podium presentation at the 2019 Society of Investigative Dermatology Meeting. 

Brian Zhang got second place in the Life Science Category at the CWRU-SOURCE-Intersections symposium 

Trizi Ibarra 2018 got a predoctoral F30 NIH-NRSA fellowship from the National institute of Craniofacial and Dental research and she gave a podium presentation at the 2020 Gordon GRS Conference on Bones and Teeth.  

Sai Thulabandu 2018 got the best student poster prize at the Mid-west Society of Developmental biology meeting.  

Mahima Devarajan 2017 got the first price at Intersections in Natural Sciences, Michelson Morley competition, and Flora Stone Mather award for excellence in research in Biology. 

Nikhil Mallipeddi in 2017 got the Havorka Prize for excellence in research in biology. 

Mahima Devarajan and Nikhil Mallipeddi Case ‘2016 Engage and Source fellowships for Summer 2015.

Deepa Majanuth, Case’2014: Source Fellowship for Summer 2013.

Isadore Budnick, Case ‘2013: SPUR Fellowship for Summer 2012, 2011.

Henry Goodnough: NIH, F31, NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship for 4 years.

Pooja Sandesara, Case ’09: Excellence in Biology from the Dept.

Adrie Welsh, Case ’09: Honors Research in Biology, Excellence in Biology from the Dept.

Preethi Mani, Case ’08: First Place winner at the university wide SOURCE student poster competition. Finalist at Council of Undergraduate Research, Posters on Capitol Hill Program. Preethi will present her research in the Rotunda of the Capitol Hill on April 30th, 2008 and meet with Congressional Representatives and Senators to increase the awareness of funding federal programs for undergraduate research.

Pooja Sandesara, Case ’09: Received funding for 2007 summer research from the SOURCE program at Case.

Charles Treloar, Case ’10”: Received funding for 2008 summer research from the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research program at Case.