Postdoctoral Fellow

Interested in using mouse genetic tools to work on questions relating to developmental biology. Preference will be given to candidates with past experience with developmental biology related molecular techniques and mouse genetics. Upto two years of funding available on a training grant. U.S. Citizens only. Please send CV and names of three references to Radhika Atit

Graduate Students

We are actively recruiting graduate students for Fall 2019. Students interested in developmental genetics and human skin disease, please contact us. Preference will be given to candidates with past research experience.  Please apply to the Ph.D. program in Biology.

Undergraduate Research Interns

We are full now, but will take more students for calendar year 2018-2019. If you are interested for summer 2019, please contact Prof. Atit in your sophmore year. You need a 3.6 GPA and complete either BIOL362 or a Genetics course as a prerequisite. If you are qualified for the new Beckman Scholar Program at CWRU and would like to work with us, please contact me by Dec. 1,  2018.