Principal Investigator

Radhika Atit, Ph.D.



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Graduate Students and Current Projects

Beatriz(Trizi) Ibarra, Ph.D. Student “Wnt/Beta-catenin and Erk signaling in calvarial bone cell fate regulation.”

Venkata  Saikumar Thulabandu Ph.D. Student “Role of PRC2  in dermal fibroblast and skin development.”

Anna Jussila, Ph.D. Student. “Role of Wnt signaling in dermal fibrosis and intradermal adipocyte loss. “

Xiaotian Feng, Ph.D. Student. “Mechanisms of Calvarial bone expansion.”

Undergraduate Research Interns 

Sakin Kirti, Case 2022, “Mechanisms of fibrosis-associated fat loss in skin.”

Cody Machen, Case 2020, “Role of Erk signaling in calvarial bone lineage selection.”

Vidi Mendpara, Case 2021, Genotyping Queen, “Mechanotaxis in calvarial bone progenitors.” 

Michael Mohn, Case 2020, “Role of matrix dysregulation in craniosynostosis mouse models.”

Timothy Nehls, Case 2020, “Role of dermal PRC2 in epidermal differentiation.”

Nikaya Polsani, Case 2021, “Mechanism of calvarial bone expansion.”

Brian Zhang, Case 2021, “Wnt signaling and dermal fibrosis.”

 Lab Alumni

Gregg DiNuoscio, Research Assistant, Research Manager at Cleveland Clinic Foundation

James Ferguson, Ph.D. Student  “Wnt/Beta-catenin in cranial lineage selection.”, post-doc with Dr. Feldman, Stanford Dept. of Biology

Nikhil Mallipeddi, Case 2017, “Wnt responsive RNAs in development and disease.”  Consultant with McKenzie. 

Mahima Devarajan, Case 2017, “Wnt signaling and lineage decisions.” M.D./Ph.D. student at University of Minnesota

Miarassa Steele, Case 2016, “Beta-catenin and dermal fibrosis, currently a Research Assistant with Case Cystic fibrosis core. 

Nathaniel Mullin, Case 2016, “RNAs and fibrosis.” M.D./Ph.D. student at University of Iowan

Emily Hamburg, Ph.D. is in OB/GYN residency in Columbus

Henry Goodnough, M.D./Ph.D. is in Orthopedic Surgery Residency at Stanford.

Isadore Budnick is in Medical School at Tulane Univ.

Demeng Chen, Ph.D. is a new Investigator in China

Peggy Myung, MD/PhD is an Assistant professor at Yale University, Dept. of Dermatology

Andrew Jarrell, MBA is at the Case Technology Transfer Office.

Thu Tran, Ph.D. finished her post-doc at University of Virginia in Adrian Halmes’s lab.

Canting Guo, Case 2010 is in medical school at University of Buffalo.

Daniel Geisler, Case ’10 plans to attend medical school in 2011 and is currently in the Masters of Anatomy program at Case.

Chad Treloar, Case ’10 plans to attend business school in international relations in 2011.

Pooja Sandesara, Case ’09, won the excellence in Biology Research award and is working at University of Florida, Gainesville.

Adrie Welsh, Case ’09, was the first student to graduate with Honors in Biology from the Atit lab and got the Excellence in Biology award. She will attend medical school at Case in Fall 2009.

Diana Zuzindlak, Research Associate plans to study for her medical boards and become a practicing physician in the US

Preethi Mani, Case ’08, Runner up for the first prize in the SOURCE poster competition at Case, started in the research intensive medical school program at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Fall 2008.

John Myers, Research Assistant 2005-2007, plans to enter MFA programs in Poetry

Jennifer Ohtola, Case ’07, First Place Michelson Moreley 2007 Competition, She is in the M.D. or M.D./Ph.D. program at University of Toledo.

Ozimba Anyangawe, Bridges Program at Cayahoga Community College ’06, First place FASEB-MARC Poster competion, plans to do business administration.

Batool Zaidi, Case ’07, started in the Ph.D. program at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and is doing her thesis work in Dr. Peter Scacheri’s lab in Case Genetics. Currently the owner of Grantshark consulting firm

Karen Yeh, Case ’06, Started at Case Western Reserve Univ. Medical School in Fall 2006.

Paul Joudrey, Case ’05, Finishing up in the Teach for America Program in Brooklyn, NY. He will be attending Medical School starting in Fall 2007.