Dr. Janet McGrath (Co-Director) is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at CWRU. She has been working on research projects in Uganda for nearly 20 years as a collaborator with the CWRU-Uganda Research. She is co-director of the social science working group of the CWRU Center for AIDS Research. She has participated in multiple research projects, focusing on issues related to risk, transmission, and the impact of disease.


Dr. Charles Rwabukwali (Co-Director) is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Makerere University. He has been and is still a Principal Investigator and Co-investigator on a number of research projects funded by Sida, UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank, WHO, European Union, CWRU Research Collaboration, Family Health International, DANIDA, and USAID, among others. He has published widely on the subjects of HIV, gender and poverty.


Dr. David Kaawa Mafigiri (Associate Director) has a doctorate in anthropology from CWRU and a master’s degree in public health from Makerere University. He has been a part of many studies in Uganda and conducted his own research on social networks and tuberculosis treatment in Kampala, funded by the World Health Organization.


Margaret Winchester (Program Coordinator) is a doctoral student in the Department of Anthropology at CWRU, where she also received her master’s degree. She has been studying and working in Uganda for several years and will be conducting research on women and HIV in Kampala and Mbarara for her dissertation, funded by the US National Science Foundation.


Namutiibwa Florence (Research and Program Assistant) has a degree in social sciences from Makerere University. She has received training on various aspects of the field of HIV/AIDS, including counseling and adherence. She previously worked with Makerere University Walter Reed Project as a Research Assistant/Counselor and is pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health from Makerere University.


Ssendegye George (Research Assistant/Interviewer) has a bachelor’s degree in community psychology. He has worked as a research assistant at AIDS Information Center (AIC), conducted a study on prevalence of safe sex practices and HIV/AIDS prevention among university students, and has worked as a lecturer and administrator.


Nalwoga Amina (Research Assistant/Interviewer) holds a bachelors degree in adult and continuing education from Makerere University, Uganda and is aspiring to do a masters degree in sociology at the same institute.
She previously worked for SS Mugasa & Co. as a chief finance officer and Barclays Bank of Uganda as a sales executive.


Emily Kyarikunda (Research Assistant/Interviewer) holds a bachelors degree in social sciences and is currently pursuing a masters in ethics and public management from Makerere University, Uganda.
She has an interest in research to do with ethical challenges of HIV/AIDS testing among women. She previously worked with Makerere University, Institute of Public Health as a data entrant.


Judith Birungi (Administrative Assistant) Judith has a Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) from Makerere University Business School (MUBS), a diploma in Office Management/Administration from the College of Professional Management (U.K.) and a Diploma in Stenography. She has attended short courses in ICT and Records Management and has worked as a secretary for 12 years now.
She has handled Hospital Information Management System at Kawolo Hospital Mukono district, Uganda. Through trainings, she has participated in data collection, community mobilization and sensitization during outreaches for people with HIV/AIDS. During her career she has amassed extensive knowledge and skills in participatory planning and budgeting for Local Government Councils.