HeadsThe goal of the Bilingualism and Communication Performance Laboratory is to investigate cognitive outcomes of bilingual experience (e.g., the bilingual advantage) and environmental, cognitive, and experiential predictors of both monolingual complex communication performance (e.g., perspective taking) and bilingual complex communication performance (e.g., simultaneous interpreting).

The Bilingualism and Communication Performance Laboratory is located in the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center, rooms 314-316 (enter all from 314). The facilities consist of research staff and student offices for up to seven (314 and 315), lab meeting space for up to 12 (316), and a dedicated sound-attenuated experimental running room (316). The experimental running room is designated for dyadic or group communication experiments, as well as for video and audio recording spoken and/or signed language communication and projecting signed and/or spoken language stimuli via speaker systems and large flat screen televisions.

Please visit the openings page if you are interested in working with this lab.

Please also explore the BACP Lab’s sister lab: Skill, Learning, and Performance Laboratory.