Welcome to the Speech and Auditory Research Laboratory

PI: Lauren Calandruccio, Ph.D., CCC-A

Phone: 216.368.4499

SpAR Lab Office: 216.368.1616

Email: HearingResearch@case.edu

ORCiD: 0000-0002-1532-7036


Latest News

Congratulations Dr. Calandruccio!

Congratulations Dr. Lauren Calandruccio for three significant achievements this summer! On May 27, 2021, Dr. Calandruccio received the Think Big Leadership Award, part of the Provost’s North Star and Pathways initiative at CWRU. This award was given in recognition for the year-long mentoring program for students of color she ran...

Teaching and Learning With Masks On

For more information on effective communication with masks on see: hearinglikeme.com/challenges-with-face-masks-for-deaf-community/ chchearing.org/post/10-tips-for-managing-face-masks-and-hearing-loss nad.org/best-practices-for-wearing-masks-when-communicating-with-dhh/ asha.org/public/Communicating-Effectively-While-Wearing-Masks-and-Physical-Distancing/ beyond.ubc.ca/communicate-better-while-wearing-a-face-mask/ To request accommodations please contact Disability Resources - disability@case.edu If you would like a printable and distributable version of the poster without CWRU signage, please contact lxc424@case.edu Do you still have any questions? You can reach us at - hearingresearch@case.edu 

Congratulations Peter Wasiuk for receiving the Experimental Psychology Society study visit award!

Congratulations to Peter Wasiuk for receiving the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) Study Visit Grant! Peter will be using funding from this award to work with Dr. John Culling (Cardiff University, Wales) on a project examining the effects of computationally modeled hearing impairment on speech perception in multi-talker environments. This international...