Welcome to the Speech and Auditory Research Laboratory

PI: Lauren Calandruccio, Ph.D., CCC-A

Phone: 216.368.4499

SpAR Lab Office: 216.368.1616

Email: HearingResearch@case.edu

ORCiD: 0000-0002-1532-7036


Latest News

Congratulations Peter Wasiuk for receiving the Experimental Psychology Society study visit award!

Congratulations to Peter Wasiuk for receiving the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) Study Visit Grant! Peter will be using funding from this award to work with Dr. John Culling (Cardiff University, Wales) on a project examining the effects of computationally modeled hearing impairment on speech perception in multi-talker environments. This international...

Peter Wasiuk’s recent research published in the International Journal of Audiology!

Congratulations Peter for getting your recent experiments published in the International Journal of Audiology! Peter's research on the influence of background talkers and noise on speech comprehension and memory can be found online ahead of print. The article is entitled, "Spoken narrative comprehension for young adult listeners: effects of competing...

Brandi Jett’s MA Thesis published in the latest edition of JSLHR!

Congratulations Brandi (CWRU '17 & '19), for getting your thesis published in the premier ASHA Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research! Brandi's research on the importance of between word-coarticulation for masked-speech recognition can be found in the latest edition. The article is entitled, "Does Sentence-Level Coarticulation Affect Speech Recognition in Noise...