Cells & Tissue Engineering

A variety of diseases and injuries to tissues require restorative therapies. Since groups of cells form discrete and highly specialized tissues, it follows that cell-based therapies have the potential to be engineered to regenerate tissues not able to repair themselves. Initially empirically based, tissue engineering strategies are now being developed on the basis of new scientific principles that employ components of cell, molecular and developmental biology and embryology with aspects of biochemistry, materials science and mechanical and biomedical engineering. The new science of Tissue Engineering brings together physicians, engineers and basic scientists with the goal of designing and developing new therapies for a broad spectrum of clinical uses.

This course focuses on these cell-based therapies with emphasis on the new basic principles of Tissue Engineering and the detailed information and protocols for accomplishing these therapies. The afternoon laboratories will be centered on the “How-to-do-it” of cell-based therapies as provided by digitized repositories of these technologies. These visual laboratories will provide insight into the complex, multi-step technologies of today and tomorrow and provide the basis for standardizing cell-based technologies between various laboratories throughout the world.

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