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Climbing the Family TreeParticipants Needed for Pediatric Speech and Reading Study

The Family Speech and Reading Study at Case Western Reserve University is seeking children, ages 4 to 7, both with and without speech sound disorders. The aim of the study is to determine why some children’s speech problems resolve by school-age while other children’s speech problems persist. For a child to be eligible to participate, the child must speak English as his or her primary language, and have no known neurological diagnosis, syndrome, or hearing impairment.

Children will receive speech and language tests similar to those encountered in school, and a saliva sample will be collected for genetic analysis. In addition, parents will complete a developmental and family history questionnaire. All study participants will be compensated for their time, and parents will receive a report of their child’s results.

To learn more about the study, please contact Barbara Lewis, Ph.D (216-368-4674; email: bxl@case.edu) or Lisa Freebairn, M.A. (216-368-0239, email: lat2@case.edu).

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