ANSMET, The Antarctic Search for Meteorites

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Another update from Da Boss

Date posted: January 29th, 2013

As of this writing,  all ANSMET personnel have left Antarctica and are on their way home via Christchurch,  NZ.   I will put together a post to wrap-up the season sometime in about a week,  so stay tuned….. …Read more.

McMurdo Activities

Date posted: January 26th, 2013

Katie Joy, McMurdo Station, 26th January 2013
In the last few days the ANSMET systematic team’s cargo was returned from Ottway Massif. The team have been cleaning up and inventorying gear, and packing up equipment in preparation for the next field season. …Read more.

Short update from da boss…..

Date posted: January 23rd, 2013

– Ralph Harvey,  Case Western Reserve U.
this just in, circa 1:20 pm east coast US time.   Jim, Andrew and Rob are finally back in McMurdo after several days stuck at Otway…..   …Read more.


Date posted: January 23rd, 2013

Stan Love
McMurdo Station, Antarctica
2013 January 23
“If you’ve done ANSMET, you’ve done long duration space flight.”
— Don Pettit, ANSMET veteran and three-time Space Shuttle and International Space Station crew member. …Read more.

back in town

Date posted: January 22nd, 2013


Katie Joy, Recon team, 23rd January 2013

The ANSMETrecon team left South Pole on the 21st Jan (see photo of the LC-130 plane that transported us), are now back in McMurdo. …Read more.

Recon team – A brief stay at the South Pole

Date posted: January 20th, 2013

Tomoko Arai, Recon Team, 20th January, 2013, the South Pole Station
Last night we enjoyed sleeping in an actual bed, not in a sleeping bag, in the air-conditioned room. After having Sunday brunch, we packed cargo outside the building of the South Pole station to prepare for the planned move back to the McMurdo tomorrow. …Read more.

The final few days at Otway

Date posted: January 20th, 2013

Andrew Beck, G-058, Sunday January 21st, Otway Massif, Antarctica
Four of the G-058 team members were picked up by LC-130 last Friday and are currently in McMurdo Station. The LC-130’s are big, but they aren’t big enough to get the whole team and our cargo out of the field in one flight. …Read more.

Out of the field and at South Pole Station

Date posted: January 19th, 2013

Katie Joy, Recon Team, 19th January, 2012, SOUTH POLE
Hello. Hope you are well. The ANSMET recon team have escaped 13 straight tent days and the bad weather of Szabo Bluff, and are currently all safely housed at the USAP Amundsun-Scott South Pole Station! …Read more.

Recon team – The twentieth tent day

Date posted: January 18th, 2013

Tomoko Arai, Recon Team, 18th January, 2013, Szabo Bluff
The end of the Antarctic summer season is approaching, but the weather today was still not unfortunately good enough for us to get back to the McMurdo. …Read more.

Recon team – Blue sky for a few hours

Date posted: January 17th, 2013

Katie Joy, Recon Team, 17th January 2013, Szabo Bluff
‘Tent day 11, in the Big-ANSMET house…’. If someone could please vote us out of the field that would be great – just dial ‘SEND-LC130’ and press 1 for Joe, 2 for John, 3 for Tomoko, and 4 for Katie. …Read more.

Goodbye Larkman….Hello Otway!

Date posted: January 16th, 2013

Marianne Mader, Systematic Team, Jan. 16, 2012 Otway Camp, Beardmore Region, Antarctica
We’re now at the Otway campsite, our final Antarctic home in the field and location of the ‘landing strip’ (i.e., flat snow surface) for the C-130 Hercules plane. …Read more.

Recon team – The tenth tent day

Date posted: January 16th, 2013

Tomoko Arai, Recon Team, 16th January, 2013, Szabo Bluff
Hi! Ten days have passed since we were tent-bound on Jan 7th. The weather has never been good except afternoon in Jan 12th. …Read more.

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