Update from McMurdo 26 January

Just a quick note.   The quiet from McMurdo was bothering me so I prompted Jim and John for updates.   Jim is scheduled to fly north to Christchurch from McMurdo tomorrow (Thursday their time), John,  Brian and Con are scheduled to follow on the 30th (Saturday their time). We'll provide...

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Beginning of the end

  Yesterday marked the beginning of the end of the ANSMET 2015-2016 season. As you know, 4 team members (Cindy, Ellen, Morgan, Nina) were pulled from the field in a double flight with tons of gear and precious cargo (the samples kept safe, inventoried, and frozen). After a brief shock...

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The great exodus has begun!

We were on the schedule this morning as a backup to the primary scheduled mission, and we got word at 7 am that we had been activated. So we spent the morning in a flurry of activity getting ready for our first pull-out flight! We're departing two team members...

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