Want a somewhat academic description of how we do fieldwork?  download this 2015 chapter from our book entitled “35 seasons of US Antarctic Meteorites, a pictoral guide to the collection”.  The entire book is available on Amazon at far too reasonable prices.

Fieldwork Methods


Want an academic-level description of the origin and significance of Antarctic meteorites?   download this paper, published in 2003:

Origin and significance


The 2010 edition of ANSMET’s field guide to the recovery of Antarctic Meteorites can be found here:



Another great resource,  this one direct from the Antarctic Meteorite folks at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.  It’s a little old but the facts remain the same, mostly.   Click below to see ……

Exploring the Solar System with Meteorites from Antarctica


And if you’re looking for ANSMET’s generic guide to packing for Antarctica, click below……..

ANSMET packing list