Recon Team - Working 9 to 5 (or 6)

Katie Joy, Recon Team, 4th January 2013, Szabo Bluff

The recon team are back in the meteorite searching game. With style I might add. We have had two tent days as it was a snowing and a blowing, with some white out conditions. This morning it was still a bit hazy, but cleared up very well through the day to give us nice clear skies, and we searched a very large blue icefield not far from camp. We managed to collect 15 meteorites (see the photo of one of our finds on the blue ice), which is the recon team’s best day count so far, including one or two rarer carbonaceous chondrite types. A satisfying day of work, and we are all properly pooped out and looking forward to crawling into our sleeping bags to start work again in the morning.

P.S. Hello and Happy New Year and hello to everyone in SEAES at the University of Manchester. Hope that you are all well, and Nat hope that the Moon is treating you well 🙂