Another quick update- the last few days in McMurdo

I had the chance to talk to the remaining ANSMET folks in McMurdo last night.  Everyone is well,  and as clean and shiny as can be expected. They are taking care of typical end-of-season chores for a few days;  things like packing and shipping the cargo that must go north,  carefully storing the gear that stays in mcmurdo, and inventorying everything that we might wonder about as we prepare for next season (e.g.,  where IS the data cord for that camera?).     Steve and Alex are due to fly to Christchurch on Thursday their time (Wednesday late our time)  and Jim and John are scheduled about one day later.

I don’t know if the boys are going to do any posting from McMurdo (though that would be nice).   I’ll keep posting updates as I get them,  and when everyone is home I’ll post a grand season summary. For some of us a new season begins pretty much when the old season ends;  cleaning up after one becomes preparing for another.


-posted by rph