Post-season adventures

-RPH here.   I got this email from Jani a few days ago,  and thought I’d post it.  It shows the deep bond these folks developed this season; sometimes a little bit of adversity really does brings out the best in us….


Please note the snarky captions are mine,  not Jani’s.  can you say “Jealous”?


Hi everyone –

Since we were joined at the hip not long ago, I thought I’d let you know where we are these days. Barb, Morgan, Manavi and I were all in Christchurch together for a couple of days after leaving the ice, just cruising around the gardens, eating good food, and even having a spa day (see below).

From left to right, the toes of John, Jim and Steve. I think.



Morgan was the first to peel off, and the last we heard, she was headed for Auckland and may be working a dairy farm. Barb and I were next to go, and we headed north to Rotorua. Our primary mission was to sit in hot springs, and that was accomplished in several ways. One of these included a long day hike through the fern-laden bush to a HOT SPRING BEACH. That such a thing exists is proof New Zealand is nearly perfect.

Through the Fern Gully. No sign of Zak or Crysta.


Okay, a hot beach AND ICE CREAM?!?! You are being cruel now.

We were also hobbits for a day and loved every minute.


Extremely happy faces, lager and hobbit clothes. Meanwhile Morgan is off somewhere milking goats or something.

We think Manavi left the evening of our flight to Rotorua, and is madly packing, or hopefully enjoying her last tours of Hawaii, before departing for the mainland. Just this morning Barb and I were on the same flight from CHC to SYD, where we tearfully parted ways east and west. She is being waited on hand and foot by Gretchen in lovely, hot Perth, while I’m winging my way somewhere over Nevada. I’d love to hear if Steve is on his volcano or Alex made it to his fjords, if Johnny saw Shaun on his way home, etc.

I spent many hours going over pictures last night on the plane, and I feel so lucky to have spent the last couple of months with all of you. We saw and did amazing things. I can’t wait to finally be reunited again at LPSC!