two more days of searching


Since the two-day storm earlier this week, we’ve been fortunate with the weather and been able to get in multiple full days of searching.  Yesterday and today, we continued searching the blue ice and (at the end of each sweep) the moraine at the edge of the ice.  We didn’t post quite the same number of meteorites collected as earlier, but still brought in a couple dozen meteorites yesterday, and a third of that number today.

At one point, we did a reconnaissance of the ‘wind scoop’ on the backside of the moraine, and followed it up to a narrow pass, which provided a nice locale for a group photo (minus the photographer).

caption:  (left to right, foreground) Shannon Walker, Christine Floss, Ryan Zeigler, Vinciane Debaille, Jim Karner, Brian Rougeux, (background) Johny Schutt.  In the distance, a sliver of the moraine is visible, and beyond that is the blue ice (although it looks a little mottled due to clouds).

-posted by Shannon Walker and Devon Burr, Jan 6, 2015, Davis-Ward