A day of rest

The basking Antarctic flamingoes are a good indicator of the appearance of beach weather here in the Miller Range.

Overnight the howling winds completely disappeared, and we awoke to a beautiful, warm day. Antarctica sure doesn’t like it when we move camp–we’re 0 for 2 on move days thus far. That which does not kill you makes you stronger, right? Or maybe just less inclined to move your tent to a new location in the future. Anyway, we got up at our regular time and finished getting our campsite in order this morning. We were all really dragging, so Jim and Johnny decided to give us a half day to recover from our epic move. I for one was pretty psyched about being a tent blob today. At first I thought I might go tanning with Johnny’s flamingos, but a bit of snow came in so we had a Firefly viewing instead (Episode 2: The Train Job). I also had a lovely tea time visit with Ellen and Cindy at their tent, which I thought I’d show you all to give you a sense of how and where we’re living. As you can see, they’ve done an excellent job making it homey despite having moved in only yesterday. Now we’re all heading to bed early and crossing our fingers that the Antarctic gods will allow us to resume our hunt for meteorites tomorrow with clement weather.

–Posted by Nina in the same pair of socks for two weeks and counting, south Miller, 30 December 2015

Ellen and Cindy looking radiant in the golden light of the Scott tent that they call home.

(NOTE from rph-   that bottle in the picture above labelled with a capital P-  let’s just say the contents are “P-ersonal”. ‘Nuff said.)