Tent day report No.3

Hi everyone – we had another tent day today. I woke up at 7am, hoping blue sky with mild wind. I got out after getting morning hot chocolate and realized that it’s still so gray out there with snow blowing.. So I will summarize our day. Our two mountaineer Jonny and Brian hibernated pretty much all day long with some reading in between. Jim had cross word puzzle action. Alex read all day long. Jani read and worked on penguin cross stitch (Thank you Cecilia! It was great project to spend tent day. I worked pretty much all day long yesterday and finished it!). I took morning nap and watched some movie (Thanks Danielle!). Jani and I made Thai chicken curry for dinner with real rice (not instant). Yum!! Here I put our cozy tent picture, so you can see our tent life a bit. We have nice stoves in between us. We even have shelf (made with 4 cans of fruits and lid of the box), so we can put nice candles (fake ones), speaker for music, fancy spices, watch etc. Then we both have our own little table with storage underneath where we hide our own special hot chocolates, tea bags, candy bars, crackers, soups (but we still share all!). On the wall of the tent, there are many pockets. They are home for our goggles, hats, gloves, journals, satellite phone, hand and foot warmers etc. I can’t imagine living without those pockets 🙂 Then we have nice fluffy down sleeping bags. It gets so warm, you can sleep with only one layer of cloth. It gets close to 0F at night in the tent. We still manage sleeping warm and through the night. It’s simply amazing how cozy this little tent is. Good for now. Hope I don’t need to post another “tent day” blog.. – Minako January 14th, 2017