30 knots!

Strong katabatic wind went up to 30 knots or so. Wind chill temperature dropped -40F. Well.. it was another tent day today. We spend whole morning hearing snow hitting our tent, blowing wind. Just hearing those make me so cold!! I spent whole morning crowed into my cozy sleeping bag, watched movie. We were brave enough to go out to do some chores around tent this afternoon. We moved all of our food boxes because they were buried under snow. We dig out our tent stakes out since those were buried under 3 feet or more some places. A lot of drift going on around tents with ongoing strong wind. Then we decided doing group “Pizza Night” at science tent. Melted cheese and pepperoni pizza in deep ice field. The best kind of pizza! Then Jani found Duck’s Christmas gifts for us today in her bag. We opened those and played “Pick up sticks”. Thank you Duck for those nice gifts!! It was anther fun night with all 6 of us. Now only hoping that this strong katabatic wind will magically dies down by tomorrow morning. – Minako January 15th, 2017