Shakedown Camp: Day 1

Shakedown camp with Mt. Erebus in the background

Greetings from the McMurdo Ice Shelf,

We set out early from town to get ready for our shakedown – a practice camping night on the ice near McMurdo. Our eight skidoos outfitted with four sleds carrying all our gear departed around 09:00 and headed out onto the ice. The convoy made its way to Windless Bight where we proceeded to setup camp.
With four tents erected we melted some snow to make soup. After a quick bite, we were off for some Skidoo training including the proper operation on substantial slopes. While in the convoy, James seemed to want to keep driving on the left of the path, I guess the UK in him pops out from time to time.
First night in the tent coming up, it is cozier than I expected… even comes complete with a British chef! More preparations to come tomorrow, check back then!

Posted by Scott at Windless Bight Shakedown Camp on Dec. 3, 2017 at 17:00.