December 14 – We have arrived!

Sheridan (front), Elena (middle), and flight attendant (rear) in the Basler on the way to Davis-Ward. (note from rph- FLIGHT ATTENDANT?!?!)


Yesterday, Elena and I (and our BFC friend, Bija) were supposed to head into the field. We were all ready and set to go by 0800 and got word that there was a 2 hour weather delay. We waited ‪until 10:00‬ only to find out that our flight out to Davis-Ward had been canceled. Our first cancelation of the season! With that, we decided to take it easy and enjoy our last day on Station by watching the repeat movies on Channel 4 and 5 as well as some that we brought along with us from home. We also enjoyed playing trivia with some wonderful friends we met on Station (shoutout to Ian from UC Boulder who came up with our trivia name: PenGWEN Steffani)! We came in dead last but I was still proud.
This morning, we stripped our beds in hopes of making it off station! Bija had some things to take care of on Station so ended up not making the ride out with us. But luckily, things with us were good to go. We loaded up onto the Bassler and got ready to enjoy our 3 hour flight to Davis-Ward. As Hosie mentioned in the previous blog, there were some spectacular sights to see. My personal favorite was flying over the Beardmore Glacier, and again, like Hosie said, thinking about how those early explorers managed to not die right away… that’s just beyond me. Elena said she enjoyed seeing where all the crevasses were because they were just so obvious!

Home sweet home (inside the Scott tent)

We landed nice and smooth on our widened runway and unloaded the plane with the help of the crew. The boys helped us out a lot and showed us how camp is all set up. After we moved into our new home, we made steak and veggies for dinner. After dinner, the group met up in the Science tent to call McMurdo and check in with Jim and Brian. So far, they seem good to go for tomorrow. John S. also read us the diaries of the early explorers from December 14, 1911 – this day over 100 years ago. It’s incredible really. To see Antarctica and imagine crossing it without all of the things we have with us. It’s humbling and makes me feel grateful. Both to be here and to be taken care of.
Overall, a great first day in Davis-Ward for us girls!
Chat soon, Sheridan