Thank you Thursday – SciCo!

Names are in the text below. If Sheridan mangled your name, please send a correction to It’ll be too late but you’ll feel better.

Hey McMurdo!!
We hope you’re still out there reading about our adventures! This year, ANSMET has decided to do “Thank you Thursday!” to give a big shout out to the awesome people that keep McMurdo running and really help us out. We’ve got a lot of people to thank and luckily we’ve got 6 Thank You Thursday’s out here at Davis-Ward! We wanted to get this out on Antarctica’s Thursday but because of this storm we’re stuck in, we’re celebrating Thank You Thursday USA time this week!
The first Thank You Thursday goes out to SciCo, aka Science Cargo! Here’s an awesome picture of the group! L-R: An awesome person (sorry I didn’t catch your name!), Suze, Tabbi, Danny, Daniel, Rock, and Santa! (Really sorry if I didn’t spell your names right!!) Science Cargo is the group of people that makes sure all of our crap makes it into the field with us. They make sure we have our sleep kits, they make sure our food stays frozen, and they’re a super fun time! I think visiting SciCo brings me the most joy in McMurdo. While we were still in McMurdo, our ANSMET team learned how to tag and label cargo boxes and then helped other field teams do the same. SciCo does so much for us that we wanted to help them out as much as we could.
I am not sure how you can contact them but maybe if you’re interested, send a postcard to McMurdo Station, Attn: SciCo. Let them know how awesome they are. Draw them pictures. Make them smile. I know Danny is a huge fan of frozen chicken nuggets if you want to send him some… lol (don’t hate me for that, Danny!).
Anyway, big shout out and huge THANK YOU to these rockstars right here! You’re awesome and we super appreciate your help with everything!

Thank you, thank you! ANSMET team

-some editing (but removal of zero exclamation points) by rph