Basic Local Alignment Search Tool


Oligo Analyzer

This tool from IDT DNA is a very handy tool for calculating Melting Temperatures for use with various kinds of PCR. Their version is especially effective because it allows you to account for oligo, sodium, magnesium, and dNTP concentrations, which can affect your calculation quite drastically.

NEB Cutter

NEB cutter is a versatile program that quickly calculates which restriction enzymes will cut your entered DNA sequence and how many times they will cut. The program even has options that account for restriction enzymes outside of the NEB catalog. If you are doing a double digest, this link here will quickly calculate the best buffer for your digest.

ExPASy Proteomics Tools

This massive list of tools applies most directly to proteomics, but there are many helpful tools for geneticists as well. If you are looking for a bioinformatics tool and need a good place to start, look no further.

Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD)

A must for any lab working with the common baker’s yeast. Includes virtually anything you would want to know from a molecular or genetic perspective, including BLAST.

Wormbase ParaSite

Massive genomic database of worm-based parasites with both flatworms and nematodes, schistosomes included. Has both nucleotide and protein sequence searches, comparative genomic data, and semi-automatic annotation

Schistosoma mansoni Gene Database

Similar to the SGD above, this is a historic BLAST database for S. mansoni. It is active but no longer maintained.




Mid Sci



New England Biolabs (NEB)

Fisher Scientific




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