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Sauvé’s Research Group

Welcome to the Sauvé Group website. Our group synthesizes new conjugated molecules and polymers for opto-electronic applications, and studies their structure-property relationships. We are particularly interested in combining the advantages of organic and inorganic compounds into novel hybrid organic/inorganic functional materials.

Current projects include design and study of alternative electron acceptors for organic solar cells, explore concepts to increase the dielectric constant of organic semiconductors,  and develop polymers incorporating oligosilanes. 

Members of our group do synthesis and characterization of new materials, study their optical and electrochemical properties, study their solid-state morphology, evaluate their charge transport properties, and test them in solar cells and in transistors. To further advance knowledge, we collaborate actively with other groups across many disciplines, including physics, chemistry and engineering.



We currently have no post-doctoral positions available.

Prospective graduate students:  please apply to our Ph.D. program: Apply here

Undergraduate and master students interested in research, please contact Dr. Sauve directly.



Tuning the properties of NDI

Check out our research on tuning the properties of 2,6-dialkylamino core-substituted naphthalene diimides with vinylphenyl imide substituents and with thionation of the carbonyls.

Alternative acceptors for organic solar cells

Check out our research on 3D non-fullerene acceptors based on Zn(II) complexes of azadipyrromethene – Device paper, Synthesis paper, Theoretical paper. Also check out our Perspective published in J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2015 and its associated video!