Geneviève Sauvé

Materials and Energy, Organic, Physical
(216) 368-3665
E-mail: genevieve.sauve@case.edu
Office: 418B Millis Hall
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PhD. Graduate Students:

Lexi Knight
B.S. University of Pittsburgh
Device fabrication and testing, organic solar cells
Expected graduation:
Spring 2025
David Raufman
B.S. Ohio State U.
Expected graduation:
Spring 2026

Master and Undergraduate Students:

John (Jack) Spencer
Owen Gladwish

High School Students:

Summer 2024: Maia Tritt, Varun Rodrigues

Summer 2023: Teddy Prokvolit and Maia Tritt

Ph.D. Alumni:

Ph.D. Student Time in our group Employment
Quynh Trần 2019-2023 Postdoc with Prof. Rober French, CWRU.
Muyuan Zhao 2017-2022 Engineer in R&D Department at Zolix Instrument
Jayvic C. Jimenez 2016-2021 Postdoc with Prof. Roger French, CWRU; 2023: Postdoctoral researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Chunlai Wang 2014-2019 Postdoc with Prof. Ming Shao, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics
Sandra Pejic 2013-2018 Advanced R&D Engineer at Owens Corning (2019), moved to Process Extrusion and Rheology Sales at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Forrest Etheridge 2011-2016 PostDoc w Rowan, U. Chicago, moved to NanoPattern Technologies
Cassie Daddario 2010-2015  IP/Technology analyst at Global Prior Art
Roshan Fernando 2009-2014 Scientist III at Thermo Fisher Scientific
Wasana Senevirathna
2010-2014 Scientist III at Thermo Fisher Scientific
Zhenghao Mao 2009-2014 Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry, China Academy of Engineering Physics

Other Alumni:

Alexander Bushnell, UG 01/2022-05/2023, Joined Georgia Tech for graduate school.
Madison Pugh, UG 2021-2022, Joined Berkeley CA for graduate school.
Zoltan Kotrebai, HS from Hawken High school.
Anna Ryder, UG 2021-2022. Enrolled in a Masters in Medical Physiology at CWRU.
Sonia Hou, UG 2021-2022. Joined Johns Hopkins University for graduate school. Joined Dr. Chao Wang’s group.
Christina Brancel, UG 2020-2021. Joined UC Berkeley for graduate school. Joined Brooks Abel’s group.
Danny Kim, Solon High School, Summer 2021.
Charlie (Chenwei) Liu, Undergraduate Student , 2019-2021, went to University of Boulder, CO for graduate studies.
Tingrui Ma, Undergraduate Student, 2019-2021.
Yibin Mao, Undergraduate Student, 2019-2020 and 2021.
Jing-Jing Shen Highschool student from Beachwood, summer 2018-Spring 2019. Went to Harvard for UG studies.
Anna Thomsen, Undergraduate Student, 2016-2018
Manal Faleh, SEED student, summer 2018
Mya Porche, MS student, 2015-2018
Carlson Britt, Undergraduate Student, 2014-2018
Madeline Strnad, Undergraduate Student, 2017
Victor John Pan, High School Student, Hawken, 2017. Went to Northwestern University.
Daphney Bonner, REU student, Summer 2017
Yondez Webb, SEED student, Summer 2016 and 2017
Justin Smith, SURPstudent, Summer 2016.
Hilary Vogelbaum, High School Student from Hawken, 2014-2016. Went to MIT for UG studies.
Alison Kennedy, High School student from Mentor High, 2015-20016.
Brendan Graziano, REU student from Ohio Northern University, Summer 2015
Matthew Porter, Undergraduate student, 9/2013-5/2014
JIa-yu Liao, Master student, 6/2013-8/2014
Jun gu, Master student, 6/2013-8/2014
Qi Han, Master student, 5/2013-5/2014
Jie Li, Master student 7/2012-6/2013.
Grace Eder, UG student, 9/2011-5/2013, SURES fellow. Graduate school at Michigan State University.
Evan Muller, UG student, 1/2012-5/2013. He went to graduate school at Iowa State University.
Fei Ruan, Master student. 5/2012-12/2012. 
Dr. Lei Gao, Postdoc June 2010-2012, taught at John Carroll Univeristy in Cleveland, OH (2012-2015).
Xin Hao, UG student, Jan. 2011-May 2012.
Margaret Oti, UG student, Aug. 2010-May 2011, MS Chemistry from Brown University.
Joshua Young, UG student, Aug. 2010-May 2011, Graduate School in the department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University.
Quinn Gleisner, UG student, summer 2010, SURES fellow. 
Cassie Daddario, UG student, Aug. 2009 – Aug. 2010.


At Case Western Reserve University:

Chemistry Department:
Prof. Carlos Crespo Hernández
Prof. Thomas Gray

Prof. John Protasiewicz

Physics Department:
Prof. Kenneth Singer

Macromolecular Engineering:
Prof. Lei Zhu

Other Institutions:
Yuning Li (Waterloo)
Simon Rondeau-Gagné (University of Windsor)