Getting ready for the Ice !

Today, we had another busy day, having a solar power tutorial, snowmobile operation lecture and preparation for the overnight “shake down” trip tomorrow. Under the midnight sun in the Antarctic summer, solar power is a definitely powerful source except on snow-storm days (See the first picture). For the six week life in the bare ice fields, yellow tents are going to be our sole sweet home. The tent is called Scott’s tent which is named after the British Captain Scott who led two expeditions to the Antarctic regions, back in early 1900’s. We checked the tent to see if everything was O.K. without any holes or scratches (See the second picture). Then, we loaded and shifted everything we need to the ice edges, where we will head for the shake down trip (See the third picture). 


 What has impressed me most here is that everything is so well organized and compartmentalized. A variety of healthy, delicious food is always available free at the cafeteria. Lecture, training, and support necessary for every activity in Antarctica are readily provided. I am feeling how fortunate I am here, participating in ANSMET as part of United States Antarctic Program (USAP). At the same time, I just can’t stop appreciating everyone who supports me to make my life-long dream come true. We are almost getting ready. I can not wait to go out in the ice field for the meteorite search !



Tomoko Arai, 3rd December, 2012, McMurdo Station



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