More meteorites found yesterday and snowing today

Tomoko Arai, 18th December, 2012, Klein Glacier

The reconnaissance team did a meteorite search in Scott Glacier yesterday. It took one hour commuting drive by snowmobile to get there. The weather was just beautiful without wind. We found three meteorites in the morning and two in the afternoon. One looked liked it might be chondritic with an unusual fusion crust with lots of vesicles, but beautiful mm-sized chondrules were visible in the exposed interior. In the evening we had a Mexican delicious dinner with chilli con carne and chilli rellenos, to celebrate Katie’s birthday. It is a snowy and windy today. We have not been able to continue the meteorite search and are staying in the Scott tent. Tomorrow, we are hopefully moving to the next target site, South Graves South by Twin Otter aircraft which will fly to meet us from the South Pole station.

PS – from Katie. Thanks Byes for the Birthday card, and the Coles for the sweeties. Elliott and Alexander the photo of you in the footy shirts is up in the tent. Thanks also to the main ANSMET team for the Happy Birthday sing along!

Tomoko with an alien