Getting Outfitted


The women of ANSMET 2013-2014 in their formal wear. From left to right, Jani, Barbara, Morgan and Manavi.

Today got us excited to go to McMurdo, because we got to put on all of our cold weather gear at the CDC (Clothing Distribution Center) in Christchurch. As you can see, the four of us women were very cozy in our big reds. Sadly, since the boys weren’t in our changing room, they didn’t make the picture. We also got to watch some little briefing videos about safety and general conduct that were surprisingly inspiring and motivating for getting there soon. Warm and pleasant Christchurch, now headed into summer, was so nice for walking today, so I wouldn’t be sad to have more time here. However, we have a 6 am(!) call, “launching” by nine. Hopefully our next blog post will be from…The Ice.

 -submitted by Jani, Monday 2 December 2013
Added note from the editor.    I can assure you (from personal experience) that you should be glad the boys/men are not shown.  Does the phrase “body beards” say enough?