McMurdo at last!


Morgan, Alex and Manavi at Newbie Snowmobile School

The third time did turn out to be a charm – we are all finally in McMurdo!! Our flight down yesterday (December 5) went without a hitch. We refueled at Invercargill and landed on Pegasus airfield by 6:30pm. “Ivan” the Terra Bus took us down to McMurdo where Jim and Johnny were waiting….the 2013-2014 ANSMET team is finally together! We miss you. It’s been beautiful out here – bright sunshine with temperatures hovering between -1 and -5 C.
Today was a hectic but extremely productive day. After ski doo training for the whole group; Alex, Morgan, and I went off for newbie ski doo driving school. We had way too much fun and the guy in charge had to practically drag us off our ski doos after we were done. Can’t wait to get out in the field and ride those things around every single day! We also pulled our non-frozen food for the season.Tomorrow promises to be just as busy!

Here are some pictures. Someone else has a picture of the whole group after we landed. You’ll hear from one of us again soon.


A happy Morgan packing up the groceries with Jani, John and a few others in the background

-posted by Manavi   (with editorial help from rph)