answer to question from New Year’s Eve blog


In our New Year’s Eve post, we included a photo and posed the question, “Can you find the meteorite?”

Well, this image — with the circle around the meteorite — shows the answer!  In this image, the meteorite is the one with the very dark outer layer, a ‘fusion crust,’ created as the outer surface of meteorite melts due to friction while traveling through Earth’s atmosphere.  For that same reason, the meteorite also has a more rounded, less angular shape than the other rocks.

If you didn’t get the right answer, well, even down here some of us are still learning how to distinguish meteorites from dark, rounded terrestrial rocks, like the one in the center of the image, which is a piece of coal.  We’re grateful to have experienced leaders helping us calibrate!

-posted by Devon Burr, Jan 4, 2015, Davis-Ward