back in the saddle again

After the last two tent days, due to cloudy skies, blowing snow, and sometimes white-out conditions, this morning’s weather was bright and sunny with just a slight breeze.  We had to do a bit of shoveling or clearing away of the snow that had piled up around camp over the last couple of days.

Caption 1:  Snow build-up in the engine of one of the ski-doos.

However, this task was only a minor distraction to getting back out into the field.  The beautiful weather continued throughout the day, giving us good visibility and comfortable conditions for spotting and collecting meteorites.

Caption 2:  The team having a confab under blue skies, with camp a few kilometers away in the background.

We continued searching the blue ice and collected 24 meteorites, giving us a total to date of 197 rocks collected.  With a continuation of good weather, we’re looking to break into the low to moderate 200’s tomorrow.

-posted by Devon Burr, Jan 4, 2015, Davis-Ward