Tent Day: Success

The foggy weather of this morning turned to light snow in the afternoon, so it was all tent all day today. We made good use of our time:

–Morgan baked delicious biscuits and brought them tent to tent.

–Ellen, Con, and Nina practiced Christmas carols (sometimes in parts!) while Cindy supported our efforts as she rested her voice.

–Jim and Brian fixed the electrical issue with Jim’s skidoo.

–Johnny caught up on his field notes and did some leisure reading.

–There was a Firefly first episode viewing in the science tent; Brian declared it “entertaining,” which I suspect is high praise from him.

Now the fog has mostly lifted and the sun is shining cheerfully, so we will likely be back on the hunt tomorrow morning being well rested/bright eyed/bushy tailed. For now, I’d like to take shameless advantage of my position as Blog Tsarina to wish a very happy birthday to my husband Mouser! We made a tiny Fruity-Oaty cake just for you. Love you! Hope you don’t mind that we ate all of your cake for you!

–Posted by Nina in the birthday zone of the FUTURE, Iggy Ridge/Sparkle City, 23 December 2015