A Christmas miracle; or, I got 92 problems but meteorites ain’t one

My god it’s full of meteorites.

Today was Christmas Day here in the Miller Range, and it was such a glorious morning that we just had to go back to the site of our meteorite feeding frenzy of yesterday to see if we could find more meteorites. And find them we did–in one location alone we recovered 81 samples! When we’re faced with such an embarrassment of riches, we will do a foot search en echelon just as we would on skidoos. We carry small flags with us, and if we find a sample we’ll leave one nearby so we can come back and pick up the sample once we’re done searching. Check out how many flags are visible in the photo…and that’s not even all of them. We were quite happy with our haul by the end of the day, but we still had one more stop to make on our way home to check out a meteorite that Brian had seen and flagged on our way back the day before. All I can say is that Brian has a real talent for meteorite hunting–he managed to spot the biggest, baddest sample we’ve seen this season while zipping past on a skidoo. He didn’t feel like posing with it, so I filled in instead. Just look at that beast, people! Even though we had already put in a full day of searching and sampling, our vigor was renewed and we started searching this new area. And we found even more samples!! At this point we were pretty excited to hit 99 so that we could have a hilarious blog post title, but we stopped short of that goal due to time constraints. Final tally for the day: 92, none of which are problems. We returned to camp feeling tired but intensely satisfied with the fruits of our hard work. Of course, this didn’t leave us much time for a Christmas celebration. However, in keeping with the schedule of our North American brethren we have decided to observe the holiday tomorrow afternoon and evening instead. It will be a potluck, with each tent bringing a different dish to share. Small gifts will be exchanged as well, which might prove hilarious considering that we did our shopping before most of us met each other. Stay tuned for a longer post tomorrow detailing our festivities. We hope you northerners are snug in your beds awaiting your gifts/coal as deserved.

Meteorite model Nina Lanza showcases the hot new trend in meteorites: being huge.

–Posted by Nina from the big bad meteorite zone, Sparkle City, Iggy Ridge, 25 December 2015