A very merry ANSMET Christmas

A large meteorite recovered this morning, dubbed “The Beast of Christmas” by Con (hands courtesy Jim).

Greetings from the ANSMET Christmas/Boxing Day party! We started our day recovering meteorites, but took some time off to celebrate the holiday this afternoon and evening. Impressive amounts of food have been created and consumed in tents, drinks have been imbibed, presents have been opened, and now it’s time for our individual messages to our friends and families.

From Con: Seasons greetings everyone! I wish I could bring all my friends and family here to show you how amazing and wild Antarctica is. I want to thank my wife, Sharon, and my son, Rupert, my parents and friends, for being without me and supporting me this holiday period. Thank you all for your loving support. I miss you all. I’ll be home soon, with a *&$# load of meteorites! xxxxx

-from Jim: Merry Christmas to little Addie, Kris, Missy and Lucy! And to all my family in ND, CO, IL, IN, FL, MN, NE! Love you all.

Yo, J aw (that’s Johnny’s message, FYI. He’s very succinct. Note from Nina)

Lots of love to all my families, you know who you are! Big especial hugs to Marshall, Papa, John Douglas, Brooke, Jack, Kate, dearest Langton Lab-onites, bacterioPhages one and all, the Varga-Jackson Tribe, all the members of the Animal Facts Club, Dr. Jane, Papi Claude! Ryan and Jenny, we enjoyed the Antarctic belle dame with our christmas dinner and I thought of you! With all the love in my icy heart, Morgan.

I am grateful. merry christmas. (to family and friends from Brian). Also Brian is growing a very manly mustache, you’ll love it (edit by Nina).

Brian shows off the super manly mustache that he’s been working on. I think we can all agree that he’s put forth a solid effort to fit in with the beardy Antarctic crowd.

From Ellen: Family and friends, I send you my warmest wishes and visions of snow covered mountains and ice. Thoughts of you keep my heart and soul warm in the coldest, driest place on Earth. Nick, Hoth is not the same without you. Happy Holidays!

Jon, Jake, Charlie and all my family and friends- love you all from the end of the Earth! hugs and kisses and many presents to our planetary family in the form of rocks that fall from the sky. Happy holidays and peace — Cindy

From Nina: Happy winter holidays Mom and Dad, Liz and Brady, Jenny and Dave (and Amber and Joey)! Happy Christmas birding season to my favorite Mouser. Wish I could show you the blue of this ice and the sky–it’s incredible. We’re having a fabulous party over here, with impressive food types and amounts. There may or may not be roast tauntaun. Hope you did likewise up north! Good luck, Mr. Gorky.

–from Everyone, posted by Nina amidst party shrapnel, Iggy Ridge, 26 December 2015

(NOTE: re-edited by Ralph, who tried to separate the individual messages. My sincere apologies if I messed some up; paragraph markers in the original were scarce.)