Our energy sources


Today was not too exciting day. Our flight got cancelled due to weather, so we went out 3.5 miles away and picked 5 of old fuel drums up and came back. Hope weather corporate tomorrow, so we get our ski-doo and rest of gears in. So, I decided showing what we have been eating while we are out in the field. We carefully picked our food supply by tent (2 people live in 1 tent, so Jani and I picked our own food) back in McMurdo. Due to complication of our season, we end up mixing everyone’s food supply and sharing everything. We haven’t gotten some of food boxes yet. So we are just playing with what we have here. Having said that, we are eating really well. One day, we had delicious steaks with roasted potatoes, green beans. Everything cooked in butter (very important! Butter is essential source of energy here!!). Today we made Mexican soup. We saved chicken broth from boiling chicken breast the other day, so we used it. Put leftover chicken, dried vegetables (peas, carrots and green beans), frozen corn, salsa. Cooked on the stove and after 15 mins we got delicious dinner ready. Put tasty cheese and corn chips. Yum!! I’m having trouble putting picture tonight, so I’ll try putting some of picture of our meal tomorrow. Just wanted to tell you that we are all eating well and healthy! Minako, January 6, 2017