All day search!

Today was our first “full day search” day of the season. It means we went out all day long, ate lunch out on the ice field. It was pretty cold and windy this morning. It was around -7F when we left our camp. Plus around 15 knots wind. It is not terrible wind, but it sure make much colder than actual temperature. Wind chill temperature is around -30F. Me? I did fine. I have wet feet which mean I sweat a lot. Inside of my bunny boots were all warm and moist. Even my fingers get sweat. Yes, I am the lucky one for this climate. Poor my tent mate Jani had cold feel all day long. They were ice cold when we came back to camp around 5pm. But of course she did great just like all other veterans here. I feel pretty comfortable here surrounded by all veterans. We started west side from our camp where we stopped systematic search yesterday. Finished that area then made south, then south east area. Yes, it was a long day. But we are so happy coming back with 25 more meteorites (with some interesting ones)!! My best moment today was drinking hot soup when you were so cold after 3 hours of searching. It’s almost 10pm here. Sun is up. All you can see is snow, blue ice and blue sky. It’s so beautiful here. Hope nice weather continues tomorrow, so we can have another long day of searching meteorites!! – Minako January 11, 2017