Finally – an ANSMET-sized one!!

Today we got out for a full day of searching – we’re so proud of ourselves! 🙂 Between waiting for field party members, and then flights, to come in, plus having a spate of bad weather, it’s been hard for us to get out all day. But we finally did this day, reccy searching in parts of Meteorite City to the NE of camp, and then systematic searching in the blue ice patch west of camp. Ok, I’ll come clean – we did come in for lunch and to warm our toes (though mine take longer than lunch to warm sometimes). We have to ease into it, give us a break! But when we came out after lunch, we found that the wind had shifted to coming from the NE, our old, familiar, snow-carrying weather friend, and it was kind of hauntingly calm, and the sky became white and brought a few flakes. For several hours, that meant good light for seeing dark dots on ice, and we found 27 meteorites today! And finally, we found a gorgeous, giant, ordinary chondrite with a beautiful, rounded and smooth fusion cru st face and a broken, exposed face. We estimate at least six pounds. Now that’s more like it! That’s not to discount the very interesting, but very small, other precious little outer space residents we also picked up today, all special in their own way. By late afternoon, it had gotten generally white enough that it was hard to pick out the sastrugi from just horizontal, white ice, like a really flat light ski day, so we came into shelter and dinner (Tom Yum soup for Minako and I, with shrimp!). Then we listened to Johnny reading To Build a Fire – some of my favorite time spent here. Winds have again shifted to coming from the south, let’s hope it pushes out the snow and we can finish the western ice field tomorrow. We’re headed for the pinnacles – rife with beautiful, deep, blue crevasses! The meteorites love to cling to the snow bridges. We’re being very careful… – Jani Many thanks for the warm wishes from David F., Justin, Lee Rad, Manuel and Ralph L.!