Time for return flights

It was windy this morning. We couldn’t get out for searching more meteorites.. Instead, the first twin otter showed up to our camp site early this afternoon. Yes, it is time to think about our return flights. We need total of 6 twin otter flights. For the first one, we sent one ski-doo, extra fuel tanks, empty fuel and propane tanks, extra solar panels etc. We have 2 flights planned for tomorrow. Jim and Alex will go back to McMurdo with the first one. Jani and I will follow with the second flight. So, our next blog update might be from McMurdo. Well.. we are expecting morning fog in McMurdo tomorrow morning, so we don’t know for sure until plane actually lands here.. We’ll keep posting our pull out schedule in this blog. Hard to believe that we are actually leaving here. I loved every moment spent here and want to stay longer to search more meteorites!! Our season was so short due to big plan change, weather and mechanics delay etc. So we only spent 3 weeks here. It’s pretty short season. At the same time, I know that it’s time to go back home. Of course I can’t wait to go back sweet home and see Kevin, Peter and Emily!! (Mommy will be back very soooooon!) We spent this afternoon doing meteorite inventory (total of 219 meteorites!!), packing up personal stuff, making popcorn and had relaxing time together in science tent. I was hoping we could go out for meteorite search again this evening, but katabatic wind is still too strong. So we gathered into science tent instead and had nice relaxing evening with Yahtzee action. Now we are back to our cozy tent and and will enjoy our (potentially) last night here. – Minako January 18th, 2017