Back to McMurdo

This morning was brutal – minus 10F outside, wind 25 knots, blowing snow.  We expected one (or two is we get lucky) Twin Otter flights.  But there were five!  Miraculously the Twin Otter pilots worked extra hours to get all of us back to McMurdo.  John and Brian were the last to fly. They had the hardest job to do: to dig out half-buried tents, prepare and pack all gears, a lot of unconsumed food, all our wastes, skidoos, fuel drums, flags … All that was done very fast and at brutal weather condition.  By now we all are back to civilization: had long hot shower, did some grooming, and had dinner sitting on the chairs around the table using forks and knives.  We still cannot believe that in one day all six of us were moved from Elephant moraine and the camp was put down completely with no trace left behind.

– Alex Meshik from McMurdo.

(note from Ralph:  I didn’t see this get posted automatically like it should;  so I am posting it from the backup copy I get separately.  Welcome back to civilization, everyone!)