McMurdo Update

Hi Everyone – are you forgetting about us and this blog? Jim and Alex made their way back to US. The rest of us are still here in McMurdo, enjoying our McMurdo life, patiently waiting our chance to go back to Christchurch. Next chance? It could be in a few hours! We are hoping that we get on C-17 tonight. Currently weather delay 4 hours. No, I just got new update. 6 hours delay, planned to leave McMurdo at 9pm.

Resupply cargo vessel "The Ocean Giant" arrived to McMurdo on Wednesday. Since then, 24 hours operation is on. Because of this 24 hours operation, McMurdo is dry town. There are a lot of restricted area around the town because of significant increase in vehicle traffic. It will continue about a week to 10 days.
Hope next update will be from somewhere on my way back home!
– Minako
January 27, 2017