December 16 – First day‬ hunting

a view of camp at the Davis-Ward icefields.

Hello world,
Yesterday Jim and Brian R arrived at camp. We officially have our entire team here! After Jim and Brian R set up their tent how they liked it, we met up to set up our skidoos with snacks, extra layers, and full tanks of gas. With everything in working order and no missing team members, it seemed like we would be able to get the ball rolling on meteorite hunting!
Today, we had ‪a 7:15‬ wake up call from Jim saying weather was all clear and we were ready to leave camp at 9! Everything was great… until Paul’s skidoo (name: Flower Power) decided it didn’t want to leave camp today. We spent about 30 minutes trying to fix it up and decided that we should just hit the field and leave good ole Flower Power behind. Paul jumped onto the back of my skidoo (name: Cosmo) and we all left camp eager to look for those nice black space rocks. We found ~40 today! Some on the ice and a lot in a moraine that we call “The Beach.” We flagged them all but only collected about 5. Today was a training day for us newbies: trying to get that “meteorite eye” as John S calls it. So tomorrow, we will go collect the rest and hopefully find lots more!
Overall things are good here. It’s very windy but from what I heard today, everyone is staying pretty warm!
Talk soon, Sheridan