Merry (canceled) Christmas!

Merry Christmas to McMurdo! And Merry Christmas Eve to those of our friends that are stateside! Today is technically Christmas here but it got canceled (whomp whomp whomp). Well, actually, it got rescheduled. Because we have our resupply coming in on the 26th, we can’t stray far from camp. If the weather is good, some of us will go out tomorrow to hunt for space rocks but we will come back early to help unload the resupply and prepare our (fake) Christmas feast! …Perhaps the real reason Christmas got rescheduled is because Jim wants to have a celebration on his birthday! Just kidding, JK. But the 26th really is Jim’s birthday! Since Christmas got postponed, we decided to open just a couple of presents to keep up morale! Big big thank you to the Meteorite People at JSC and to Scott VanBommel for the wonderful presents! Scott – KBA is coming tomorrow so we were thinking it would be nice to share a couple of your maple leaves with your Canadian brethren! (If that’s ok! It’s the nice, wait sorry I mean Canadian, thing to do) 🙂
On the non-holiday side of things, there’s another storm here in Davis-Ward. It’s not nearly as bad as the last one so no need to worry there. The last storm was a wind storm but this one is a snow storm. While the other storm stripped everything from camp, this one is building up snow drifts and adding snow piles back onto our vestibules. It’s not scary but it is causing the mountains to disappear and the landscape to become very white. Not exactly a whiteout but it could be if it starts snowing more. Looks like we will have a white (fake) Christmas here! Time to sing, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”
Merry (canceled) Christmas from Davis-Ward!

-ANSMET team