We made it! ANSMET 2019-20 is off the ice.

The line of ‘Big Reds’ boarding the C-17.

Alex, Brian, Johnny and I all arrived in Christchurch early this morning and parted ways around 2:30 am. It was a long afternoon transporting to and waiting at the airport, as all the passengers were anxious to see if the flight would actually take off. When we walked across the snow to board the plane, everyone was sighing in relief that we made it further than last time. In addition, the newbies (really only me in our group) were in awe at the massiveness of the C-17!

Inside the C-17. I think it could easily fit a volleyball court!


Overall the flight was quick, only about five hours or so. It was incredible to have the cabin begin to grow darker as we traveled north and to see the sun actually set! We are back to darkness! When we got to Christchurch and got off the plane, I ever so slowly walked to the transport bus to stare at the stars and the full moon.All the while, I was overwhelmed with humidity and fragrances. It is so nice being back around life!


The final four (Lauren, Brian, Johnny, and Alex) make it to Christchurch!

Once we got our luggage, we headed through customs and onto the CDC to return all our ECW gear. Sadly, we said our goodbyes and are each heading in our own direction from here on out. It was amazing to be a part of ANSMET this year, and to be on such a wonderful team! I can’t wait to start reminiscing and looking back at pictures of our season.


-Posted by Lauren, after admiring the southern constellations from Christchurch.