Quick Update: C-17 Take Two

Yesterday the ice breaker, the Polar Star (on the left), and the tanker, the Maersk Peary (on the right), were open to the McMurdo community. We spent the entire afternoon getting tours on both ships. It was amazing learning about the vessels, seeing the massive engine rooms, and being on the various decks.

The C-17 was being fixed all week and is back in action. We just got word that the plane took off from Christchurch and is heading our way. USAP is prioritizing passengers and trying to get as many people off continent, as fast as possible, so they pushed up the passenger manifest to about 120. That means that all four of us(!) are scheduled for transport late this afternoon. With any luck (no weather, mechanical issues, etc), we could be into Christchurch very late tonight. The delays may possibly be at an end! But of course no one should hold their breath =)

View of the Peary from the control room, aka the bridge. The tanker is delivering about 4 million gallons of fuel to resupply McMurdo.


-Posted by Lauren, from the Crary library looking for some last minute whale sightings.

-NOTE from rph:  this came in late thursday, US east coast time,  and regrettably I didn’t notice it until this morning (Friday).  As I write this, there’s a good chance Lauren and the rest of the gang are already in Christchurch!