You’re cordially invited to ANOTHER talk….. this one on Zoom.

Sometimes it’s important to just chill.  Nancy Chabot, Juanita Ryan and Cari Corrigan eating ice (From left to right,  2001-2002 field season at Meteorite Hills).

Need a little kick-start to get your week rolling?  On Monday (6 March) I’ll be giving a talk to Oregon State’s COLDEX (Center for Oldest Ice Exploration).  They just finished their first season at Allan Hills icefield, where they found a couple of meteorites for us!

The presentation will be virtual (using Zoom),   so it’s not too difficult  for anyone to attend. The title of the presentation will be

Meteorite Concentrations and Old Ice: “in a relationship” or “it’s complicated”?

I’m going to talk about how our understanding of meteorite concentration mechanisms have evolved over the years, and why they point toward these stranding surfaces being much older than originally believed.

Here’s the link and other info:

Time: Mar 6, 2023 11:00 AM Pacific Time,  2:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Password: 009592
Meeting ID: 933 1209 2717

And yes,  I’ll be spinning anecdotal observations into a deceitful web of terrific-sounding theory that is utterly unverifiable. Please, for courtesy’s sake,  remember to stay on mute if you can’t contain your cries of “Bull-Puckey” (or the expletive of your choice).

To learn more about Coldex,  check out their website.

-Ralph, from abnormally sunny Novelty Ohio