An ANSMET (and ANSMET-adjacent) podcast series

Earlier this year a few ANSMET vets (myself, Linda Welzenbach Fries, and Cari Corrigan) were interviewed for a four-part series of episodes of the Longitude podcast.  The interviews were fun!  And not only does the series provide several independent views of Antarctic meteorite research,  it also has a very neat purpose and structure.  The interviewers in these podcasts are all graduate students in related fields, with the Longitude organization providing a channel that encourages their curiosity and shows them the power of mixing creative media and outreach with their science.

You can find all four episodes of Series 15 (Antarctic Expeditions) on the Longitude site here.  But of course you can also download them through most “standard”  podcast apps as well,  such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Amazon music, etc.      I am also going to recommend that you consider contacting Ipek Martinez (Longitude’s founder)  if you’d be interested in seeing your research a part of their future work;  it’s a fantastic hybrid of outreach, graduate education, and scientific community-building.

-Ralph,  from sunny Novelty Ohio