Winging it

Just a quick note from the field – the Basler is on its way from McMurdo and should be here in the next hour or so. We’ll load up all the gear for Barb, Morgan, Manavi and Jani and ourskidoos, and we’ll form the first party home to McMurdo. The guys will follow, we hope in the next day and day after. We are excited things are falling into place, though are sad to leave the amazing Miller Range. The iPod set this morning includes Some Day I’ll Fly Away, Sailing Away and Antarctica.

UPDATE – The ladies have made it to McMurdo! It is basically tropical here, with snowmelt all over the ice, and a huge swath of open sea. We are clean, fed, and tired. We really want our guys back – let’s hope they can get two Baslers tomorrow (which would require bad weather at Siple Dome, not impossible…).