The breakdown

The women of ANSMET arrived in Mactown in the late afternoon yesterday, and we and our precious cargo made the long journey across the ice sheet and past the Kiwi Scott Base into town. Notice how important our cargo is; there is an entire flatbed Delta with just our little meteorite box on top! It’s interesting to think that those 333 specimens are the whole reason for all of this work. We then spent most of the day today in the BFC, the Berg Field Center, taking care of the gear that came in with us. We washed out food boxes, cups, bowls, pots, stoves, and coolers and we set up our tents to dry. We really like being in the BFC because of the vibe – it’s a warm and cozy old warehouse, and there is always fun music playing. I think I mentioned before this place is one of many here that feel like home. Everything is clean and so are we – it feels a little strange.

From the field – Our guys are still out at the Miller Range, awaiting takeout tomorrow. A Basler flight arrived today, as far as we know, to carry back some of their gear, which we’ll start putting away tomorrow before they come. We want them back! We hope it will happen soon.